With age the breasts become saggy. However, pineapple will become your favorite fruit after learning its effect on women’s breasts. Pineapples prevent the sagging of the breasts. So, adding pineapples to your diet will keep your breasts elevated. The antioxidants in pineapple are excellent for the entire body. Pineapples are even effective against cancer.

Women’s breasts sag because the skin becomes stretched. The nutrients in pineapples give the skin elasticity, so the breasts return to a higher location.

Pineapple smoothie

You can enjoy the benefits of pineapples by preparing a pineapple smoothie. Chop pineapple and mix it with yogurt, water, pineapple juice and ice cubes. Blend the ingredients and enjoy the pineapple smoothie before breakfast or at lunch.

Pineapple can also help with pain in the muscles and joints caused by arthritis. The ingredient in pineapple that helps with this medical issue is bromelain. Bromelain helps with inflammations in the body and breaks down complex proteins.

Pineapples also contain vitamin C and ascorbic acid. Eating one serving of pineapple will provide you with the required daily amount of vitamin C. Pineapples also increase the activity of the white blood cells which boosts the immune system.

Other Pineapple Benefits

Pineapples contain soluble and insoluble fibers, so they improve the process of digestion. Manganese in pineapples protects the health of the bones. Vitamin C and bromelain in pineapples also protect you from cough and colds.

Regular consumption of pineapples will improve your blood circulation, your eyes and your blood pressure. Pineapples are also helpful with the menstrual cycle. However, pregnant woman should not consume too much pineapple, since it can lead to miscarriage.

To conclude, pineapples protect from cancer, fight arthritis and digestive problems, and are useful for many other medical conditions. Due to these effects of pineapples, every person should make pineapples part of their nutrition. So, buy pineapples and make them part of your daily diet.

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