How can we forget the everyday morning ritual of our mothers screaming at the top of their lungs to ensure that our bed was made before we left for a long day at school? And those groggy mornings when we used to walk around the bed and make sure the sheets were tucked in neatly? Mommy ensured that the bed looked like it had never been slept in! Oh, how we hated all that work! Guess what? What I am about to tell you is going to make it worse.

If only our moms knew the truth, they would have saved us the ten minutes that we spent making our beds every morning. We were told that making our bed would prevent all the germs, bugs, and dust mites from staying in. You were wrong, mommy. This isn’t true. The house dust mite feeds on our skin and our scales, and set up their homes under our sheets. Every time we make our bed, these mites get trapped under the sheets and continue breeding inside. Human sweat, human scale, and human skin are enough for them to feed on and last for days, or even months.

The best way to get rid of these tiny, but dangerous dust mites is by not making our beds. Yes, it is true! The eleven-year-old inside you can finally jump in joy. An ideal destruction method of killing dust mites is by leaving the bed sheets unmade and untouched for the entire day. When sunlight hits the sheets, it also hits the dust mites that cannot survive in natural light. Even the sweat and skin scales get evaporated, and the mites are left with nothing to feed on.

This is probably the best thing you must have read on the Internet today. Say hello to more free time for yourself in the morning. Life just got easier and mite-y better.

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